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Popp Culture: 03/2019

This month we’ve taken in an exhibition which pairs a video star with a Renaissance great, and have been inspired by a London-based digital artist.

Bill Viola Michelangelo: Curator as Artist

We visited the Royal Academy to see the Bill Viola Michelangelo exhibition, Life Death Rebirth, which sees American artist Viola’s large-scale video work contrasted with intricate, smaller drawings by Michelangelo (with a number on loan from Her Majesty).

We were struck by the impact and creativity of the video installations, and the brilliance of Michelangelo’s draughtsmanship. Aside from the subject matter, they also revealed a fascinating religious side to Michelango’s personality, where he viewed the process of creating each work almost as a spiritual act in itself, often drawing religious scenes repeatedly as a sort of penance or meditative act.

We were also taken aback at the conceptual brilliance of the curator in observing the connection between the artists, and their ability to create something entirely new and challenging through the act of curation itself.

Life Death Rebirth is on until 31 March 2019 and is well worth a visit.

Life Death Rebirth is on until 31 March 2019 and is well worth a visit.

Rose Pilkington

We came across Rose Pilkington’s work whilst working on an identity project that needed a fluid, undulating 3D illustration. Rose is a London-based digital artist and her piece entitled ‘Electric Objects’ was particularly relevant and inspiring.


Her work explores texture, colour, layering and form in a thought-provoking way across typography, graphics and illustration. Check out this mind-bending piece for the Turner Contemporary.


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