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The Pop in "Popp"

A great name should be memorable, expressive, and distinctive. We’re often asked about our name, Popp Studio, and yes, it is a play on the name of our creative founder. But, it’s not just an abbreviation of “Poppy”, it’s also about the broader idea of anything and everything “pop”.

“Pop” talks about immediacy and impact, which is a key component of the designs we create, and is very important when you’re trying to compel someone to want some thing. All brands need to have presence, whether they’re a digital consultancy primarily marketing themselves online, or a premium beauty range that needs to stand out in a busy department store.

Everything we create obviously exists in a context. Brands have a bigger role in pop culture, and have deeper connections with their consumers (or fans), than they ever have before. Our understanding of the cultural context of a brand is key to making it relevant, and helping it strike the right balance of “timely” and “timeless” – especially for existing brands that we are redesigning or rebranding.

To be popular is to be liked or desired, and in our business, first and foremost, that’s what we’re aiming to achieve for our clients – to make them more liked and desired than their competitors. Above all, we want our clients to succeed, and what we create for them to be popular with their customers and our industry peers.

Finally, it feels fun. We believe the creative process, whilst needing to be structured and rigorous, should be enjoyable and fulfilling. It’s why we’re in the creative industry.

We’ve tried to capture the ideas and attitude of our business in a memorable way, and with that extra ‘p’, we’re definitely distinctive.


By Andrew Slade
& Managing Director

2 Min Read

We’re often asked about our name, Popp Studio, so we’ve decided to describe why we felt it was right for us.


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